You’ll love your hair. And vice versa.

Fabulous Hair Argan Oil Plus features all the benefits of Argan Oil from Morocco plus our proprietary blend of vitamins and essential nutrients to enhance bonding and absorption. The result is instant shine, protection, control and hair repair with no oily residue.

  • 1.  For all hair types - straight, curly, coarse, processed; all ethnicities; all ages; female or male
  • 2.  Increases shine, adds polish and decreases frizzies
  • 3.  Improves hair strength/elasticity and reduces breakage
  • 4.  Use on damp hair or to refresh dry hair
  • 5.  Reduces blow drying time
  • 6.  Reduces hair from damage from blow dryers and other styling tools
  • 7.  Reduces color fading
  • 8.  Lightweight formula spreads easily through the hair
  • 9.  Won’t weigh down hair
  • 10.  Won’t make hair look greasy or attract dirt
  • 11.  Helps end tangles and knots
  • 12.  Alleviates itchy, dry scalp
  • 13.  Contains no alcohol, no dyes, no artificial preservatives

For regular use: A little goes a long way…apply a small amount throughout damp hair. Style as usual. For a more intense treatment to improve dry scalp and add shine, use once a week before shampooing: Apply generously to dry hair. Wrap in warm towel and wait 30 minutes. Then shampoo, wash and style as usual.

The symbol of Morroco
morrocan argan oil
Improving lives. Not just hair
harvested exclusivly by women
De-stress & De-mess
She said. He said.
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