Improving lives. Not just hair

The Argan Oil in Fabulous Hair is harvested exclusively by cooperative networks of Berber women who live in the southwestern mountains of Morrocan. Since women traditionally and exclusively make Argan Oil in Berber culture, no men belong to the cooperatives. These co-ops provide income to the rural women in exchange for their work. All women are considered equal in the venture, and therefore are not the same as employees. This enterprise has significantly improved the lives of the women and their families by enabling them to remain on their land, receive health care and educate their children.

So while you’re enjoying the beauty benefits of Fabulous Hair, it’s also great to know that your purchase has a positive economic impact on women and their families in southwestern Morrocan.

The symbol of Morroco
morrocan argan oil
Improving lives. Not just hair
harvested exclusivly by women
De-stress & De-mess
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