She said. He said. About Fabulous Hair

“Women of color spend lots of money trying to add shine to their hair and reduce frizz. I’ve tried many products, but shiny usually means greasy. Fabulous Hair gives my hair shine without the grease. It’s really light and it helps to keep my hair untangled too.”

- M. Lubin

“My thick and curly hair is naturally frizzy in the Florida humidity. Fabulous Hair Argan Oil Plus enhances the curl and keeps the frizzies at bay all day.”

Elizabeth R.

“I thought I was going to have to cut my client’s hair to get out a gigantic knot. Instead I applied Fabulous Hair to the knot ball. It took some patience and working the oil in real good, but I was able to get out the knot and save her hair…also great to apply after styling for long lasting control.”

Marlene T., Hairstylist

“I have very curly hair. Fabulous Hair makes my curls more well-defined and shiny, and my curls last longer between shampoos…it’s awesome.”

Susie T.

“All my life, my coarse hair had very tight and frizzy curls. Now it’s wavier and less frizzy using Fabulous Hair Argan Oil Plus. It’s just great.”

Michael T.

Fabulous Hair is terrific. It’s made my hair shiny and manageable…given it life and bounce.”

Bobby G.

“I purchased Fabulous Hair to make my hair look better. It did that, but to my surprise my cuticles and nails look better too!”

Mary S.

“The oil, which is said to have restorative and age-defying effects, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry.”

The New York Times

“Fortunately, the latest botanical phenomenon, the antioxidant argan oil, not only rivals all other free-radical fighters to date, but its high demand will actually help the environment as well.”

ELLE Magazine

The symbol of Morroco
morrocan argan oil
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She said. He said.
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